Welcome to my Website, to a special moment in time.  My novels are sizzling, magnetic, enchanting. I think my books have insightful feelings, select moments in life.

KissZZZzzz!  Exciting KissZZZzzz!  Read my new novel “KissZZZzzz”  to be published December 2016.  It is an exciting book of action and intrigue you will never forget.  A spy thriller which will touch your heart.  Another five star book to hold you in suspense.  Keep your eye out for it.

“Kiss looked around.  There was no one in sight.  All the merriment was on Pyatnitskaya Street.  The stranger was grunting, trembling with feral lust.  With a caressing hand on his head, she slipped her hand to his neck, the other under her shirt pulling out a sharp stiletto.  In a strong swift movement, she grabbed his head by the hair, jerked it forward against her crotch.  She pointed the stiletto to the base of his skull and rammed it straight into his brain.  The man died instantly.  Glancing about her, she located what looked like a dumpster at a far corner.  She hoisted the man by his underarms and dragged him to the dumpster.  He was one heavy sucker.  She was sweating rivulets by the time she managed to get his motionless body to the dumpster.  It was a struggle lifting it into the dumpster which turned out to be a furniture bin of some sort.  She dropped the man on a faded sofa and closed the lid.  She could not remain there and she could not go far.  Soldiers covered the area like locusts, studying faces, checking papers.  They were coming her way.  She fled . . .”

My novels are based on real heartfelt stories of real people. They are passionate stories based on a portion of truth, an idea I picked up from an article I read somewhere which disturbed me or thrilled me.

My book “For a Taste of Morgan,” I read about a young teacher on her first teaching assignment who organized a phenomenal march to get food for the children at Ojo de Agua where she went to teach.  It is based on a true story. The brave, young teacher who saved those children from starvation was my Aunt Nora Aguilar Sánchez Siller.  She was truly a valorous independent young woman way ahead of her time.

Before I wrote my novel “Breaking Faith,” I watched a real court case about the murder of a young wife by her husband who had another woman.  The host of the program said a study was done about husbands who murdered their wives, mostly young wives, rather than split community property.  The study revealed that these killings were the rule rather than the exception.  It reminded me of India where young wives were falling into the kitchen fire and dying. It is believed this was being done to young wives to set sons free to marry again and get a new wife who would bring to the family another dowry.

In my stories, my readers travel to many places and live many lives through my novels. I write romance, murder mystery and science fiction stories.  I want people in a relationship to be in love: to feel, taste, touch.  I want them to surrender a moment of their lives for a taste of love through one of my stories.

I can truly say I have been in love every day of my adult life.  I invite you to read my books, live the romance, experience love.

For A Taste of Morgan
Beautiful, spirited, vivacious Petronella Sanders, 19 years old, is a careless and carefree girl without responsibilities. She sees an ad for a teaching assignment and fights her family to let her go to her first rural teaching job and lands in a boiling cauldron of greed, passion, violence and a lascivious wealthy hacendado who wants to keep her for his own. Read more…

The Faith Betrayed Trilogy:

Faith Betrayed (The first book of the Faith Betrayed Trilogy.  If you buy Breaking Faith, you will get Faith Betrayed I & II or get them separately starting with Faith Betrayed.)

Faith Betrayed II –  Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (Second book of the Faith Betrayed Trilogy.)

Faith Betrayed III – Death’s Mask (Third Book of the Faith Betrayed Trilogy.)


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