The Straight Man and the Transgender Woman

As I stated earlier, my new spy thriller “KissZZZzzz” explores the way for the transgender woman. It is a book full of excitement and deep feelings.
My first article of the straight man and the transgender woman covered the subject of the sense of smell in the male animal. It is a fact that a male needs to smell the woman to want to breed her. Because no matter what you call having sex: ‘making love,’ ‘having sex,’ or ‘having a baby,’ the fact remains that no matter what polish you put upon us, we continue to belong to the animal specie. Therefore, we have many of the characteristics that make us animals. The male does not have sex simply for enjoyment. The male animal does not have sex period. The male animal breeds instinctively every time he mounts a female.  Under certain circumstances, give him any willing female, and he will breed her. I feel that the male animal subconsciously and instinctively is breeding a woman every time he has sex. It does not matter whether he uses protection or not. In another level, subconsciously, the male smells a woman and he wants to breed her. That is the order of things in nature. That is what he was dna – ed for. Why is it that males go after females who have outstanding female characteristics, such as full breasts, round hips, and a particular scent?

I had many male friends and beaux but I liked them as friends. Then I met my husband. We hit it off right away. I particularly remember loving his scent. I do not know why. I simply knew I loved to smell him. I used to tell him that I could carry his scent in a bottle around my neck and smell it forever. To this day, it is the same. I feel that blindfolded, I could identify my husband from a group of men without any trouble through his scent. Now, I know why. It was my femaleness responding to his male scent. From the start, it was a very hot need for both of us to be together. We had to be together.

I feel the male has to smell a female, and she has to recognize his scent. I feel it has nothing to do with wanting a person as the romance novels say. It is recognizing the male scent and the female being ready to breed. Even if breeding does not take place, subconsciously and instinctively, the pair of ‘animals’ are symbolically doing what they were made for, breeding. Just as you see a young puppy emulating breeding motions, the ‘pair of human animals’ are symbolically breeding every time they have sex. I feel that is of number one importance. If men and women are not mated, they go to places where males and females hang around. Animals in the wild look for partners to breed with.

In the movie “Quest for Fire,” there is a scene where the caveman, who reached an Asian-looking tribe, is held prisoner in a hut. Two very obese women come in. In that culture, only obese women were bred. First one of the women lies down on her back. He sniffs in her general direction, but he is not interested. He does the same with the second woman. Finally, one of the women positions herself on her hands and knees. The caveman sniffs her. Very perfunctory and instinctively, he approaches her, sniffs her and breeds her. There was no love, no lust, no passion in the breeding act. He was just doing his job. The whole thing had to do with the smelling and the positioning of the female in the position he was accustomed to seeing the females adopt. If a male had come and dropped on his hands and knees, the caveman would have sniffed him and not given him a second look. But the women were there to be bred. He could smell that they were females in season ready to be bred, so he bred them.

Does the transgender woman smell like a woman or does she still smell like a male after the re-assignment surgery? I don’t know. That is something to discuss with the doctors who do the re-assignment surgery to change a male genitalia into a female genitalia. Does a transgender woman smell like a man or a woman? I doubt they smell like a woman even after they have had the re-assignment surgery. A male has a particular scent all his own. If the transgender woman does smell like women after the surgery, then doctors who specialize in the field should educate us. If a transgender woman does not smell like a woman, what can those doctors do to get them to smell like a woman, and it is not perfume. This smell goes beyond superficial things.

The second thing that has been debated since the publishing of my book “KissZZZzzz” concerning transgender women is ‘breeding.’ I feel the male animal is subconsciously and instinctively always looking for a breedable female. Males are looking for the female scent in a woman to breed. They think they are looking for fun sex.  No matter what men and women today call it, the male is instinctually looking for a female to breed. Not a female to have sex with. He is looking subconsciously for a woman to breed. The male is constantly preoccupied with sex: talking about sex, looking around at the women in their vicinity with sexual interest, talking with other males about the possibility of having sex with a woman, talking about women’s secondary sexual characteristics: how big the breasts are, the hips, legs, lips. It does not matter if people call it lust or love, the male is looking for a female to breed. The male can have sex with a transgender woman, but is the animal in him looking for sex or for a female to breed? Does the male animal through smell notice the difference between a natural female and a transgender woman? Is it possible the male smells, but he does not smell a woman, and he does not sense that he is before a female he can breed?

The transgender female lacks two things: the smell of a woman and the ‘real’ breeding vehicle. I wonder if subconsciously and instinctively the male animal knows that a person who looks like a woman, who has a female’s genitalia, is not a breedable female? Is that why straight men do not give the transgender women a chance? Will the female genitalia do it for the transgender woman or will the male animal always be searching for the real breeding vehicle in a female? Does a male’s breeding self become confused with the transgender woman? Does the male animal know which females can be bred and which cannot? Even if a transgender woman has female genitalia, I wonder if the male animal smells for the female or subconsciously and instinctively knows that regardless of the female apparatus that that transgender woman has, she is not a breeding animal of its specie; therefore, she is not breedable, and he ignores her.

In a movie entitled “Species,” The story dealt with an alien woman who was looking to reproduce herself with earthlings. The scientists searching for her discovered that she did not mate with males who had physical problems. She killed one man and did not reproduce with him because she sensed or smelled that he was a diabetic. She would only mate with males in perfect physical condition. If male cannot breed the woman, then the programmed animal in the male looks elsewhere for a female of its specie that he can breed. The fact is that many women whether they want it or not, start out to have fun sex and end up pregnant because the male is always instinctively looking to breed the female.

Perhaps a doctor who specializes in re-assignment surgery will educate us on these two subjects I have discussed and that have been debated, or perhaps through our debates and questions we have enlightened transgender women and given them ideas to pursue. Maybe by discussing these issues we have opened the way for a transgender woman to find a way to a man’s heart and hearth.

In “KissZZZzzz,” my spy thriller, I gave the transgender woman an opportunity to explore womanhood, and it is up to you the reader to come to a conclusion whether she succeeded or not.

To purchase the book, check my website: or go directly to: M. Adams, P. O. Box 1084, Duarte, CA 91009. The book costs $15. In those two instances, you will get a signed copy. Also, the book is sold through and b& This will be an unforgettable reading experience. I want to hear your opinion and particularly the opinion of transgender women.

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CalExit: The Peoples Republic of California

Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently interviewed Shankar Singam, a campaigner for CalExit, the move to get California to secede from the United States. It seemed like a joke, but Singam was serious. Carlson asked a number of obvious questions and Singam had no plausible answers.

Carlson: Would you grant citizenship to illegals?

Singam: We would have a much faster path to legalization. (No details given, no denial that citizenship would be granted.)

Carlson: What about all the land the Federal government owns in California, what about the military bases? Would you allow a foreign military in your country?

Singam: We would let them stay. We could lease the bases. (He’s proposing leasing land to the Federal government that the Federal government already owns!)

Carlson pointed out that thousands of middle class citizens have left and are leaving California for states with lower taxes and less onerous regulations. This was going to result in a state that looks like Mexico; a few very rich people, a large population of poor people, and no middle class. Singam thought that was good; it would make room for the next wave of immigrants. Also, Singam opined that those leaving California would take their California values with them to Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, wherever. He apparently didn’t realize that they’re leaving because they don’t like the California economic and regulatory environment. Carlson didn’t question him on how California, with a reduced tax base, would deal with its monumental welfare costs and grossly underfunded public employee and teacher pensions, underfunded by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mr. Singam did not take into account that even if he gets 585,000 signatures on his petition, that doesn’t mean that the millions of Californians that live here want to secede. Liberals who live along the coast from Los Angeles to Marin County don’t represent the middle of the state, which is overwhelmingly conservative. Those are the people who raise our food and are highly likely to try to find a friendlier state. I personally found it ridiculous for a person to want all Californians to secede from the United States of America.

Mr. Singam has not considered who is going to defend us from other countries that could invade our small country.   The United States would not have a responsibility to defend California from foreign invaders.

Mr. Singam said the economy of California is the fifth largest in the world. I do not think the wealthy would remain. With them gone, who is going to pay for anything? As it is, we aren’t able to meet our present debts. How are we going to manage without a robust tax base, which the wealthy provide?

Mr. Singam is happy that the upper middle class is leaving. He said this gave the poor an opportunity to come up. Who is going to teach these people skills to make up for the people who are leaving? Businesses and wealth do not grow instantly. Who is going to feed these people while they are learning a skill? Some will never learn a skill. In California we have a tremendously large population that depends on the government to feed them and house them. Who is going to feed and house these people if the leaders of the California communities are gone?

Mr. Singam gave as a reason for seceding from the union that we were a different culture, and not appreciated by other states. We are not that different in our values from the other states. The only difference, like in other states, is the fact that we are a beach state. Other beach states have the same values as we do. We are less formal. Like other states, we inherently show the cultural tapestry inherited from those who colonized the state, just as other states show the influence of the people who colonized those areas. I feel that when Mr. Singam made negative comments about California, comments that were supposedly being made by other people in other states, he was really talking about himself. Yes, people find people from other states different, and we all enjoy the differences that make us the United States of America.

I got the impression that Mr. Singam sees himself as President of The Peoples Republic of California, and he didn’t look very promising. He didn’t have any answers. To me, his answers sounded childishly thought out and irresponsible. The thing for Mr. Singam to remember is that we Californians will never be a banana republic with a dictator telling the rest of us what to do.

Probably due to a lack of time, if not the intelligence of his interviewee, Carlson didn’t address the constitutional issue. Under Federal constitutional law, the secession of any state is illegal. This was settled by the U. S. Supreme Court in Texas vs. White in 1869. “The union between Texas and the other states was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original states.” In short, SCOTUS said a state cannot secede.


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Women Led by the Nose

Women have had a difficult road to travel from being chattel owned by men, suffering great pain and humiliation, to earning the vote.  Now women can vote.  They can stand up for themselves.  Or do they?  This is the twenty first century.  I still see how easily women can be led by the nose, how gullible they can be about things that are said about them, like what the pundits say.  For example, the liberal pundits say women do not like Trump, and some women actually come to believe it, not because they don’t like Trump.  They dislike Trump because they hear it said enough times that they come to believe it.

Here is a fact.  WOMEN DO LIKE TRUMP.  I and many of my lady  friends like Trump.  The pundits say educated women and Hispanics, particularly Mexicans, do not like Trump.  I am Mexican and have other Mexican friends who like Trump.  I am also an educated woman.  The pundits and campaign managers know that if they keep repeating these lies to the people, the ones who do not read the  newspapers or watch a news program will take their words as the real thing and vote accordingly, against Trump because they heard from someone that women do not like Trump.  That is what I mean about women being led by the nose.

Here is another example.  Hillary Clinton says she stands for women, but she does little for women.  She is still married to a womanizer, Bill Clinton, who brought her and our country the worst shame ever.  He was impeached for lying about his sexual activities, having sex with Monica Lewinsky, an aide, in the oval office.  The whole world watched him lie as he said he did not have  sex with Monica Lewinsky.  It was just a technicality that caused the world to laugh watching an American president caught with his pants down, hearing how he molested staff at the White House.  Hillary Clinton did nothing.  This woman who claimed to be a champion for women’s causes actually made excuses for Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of staff, taking advantage of his position of power.  She says that Donald Trump wants to punish women.  Bill punished women.  The White House staff did not want to have sex with him and suffered for it.  At a talk at the View, surrounded by the women in the show, Hillary pretended to be frightened.  She questioned what would happen to women if Trump became president.  People, this is America.  Nothing would happen to women.  If abortions were forbidden, then the person performing the abortions would be punished.  I personally feel that the mother of the fetus should receive some form of punishment because she put her child to death.  In America, we fine and jail people for abusing animals.  Shouldn’t we fine and jail people who kill human fetuses and sell their organs for profit.

What I find shocking is that women listen to Hillary who has engraved on her forehead the word ‘liar.’  Trump is being tricked every way he turns.  That question about whether women should be punished if they undergo an abortion caught him by surprise.  He is not a ‘practiced, experienced’ politician.  He does not have suave answers readily at hand. Trump later explained in greater detail that the doctors and other people performing the abortion should be punished.

Hillary repeated during the View talk that Trump said all Mexicans were killers and rapists, something to that effect. I heard what Trump said. He was talking about illegal aliens crossing the border without being vetted and that some were killers and rapists.  Listen to the word above; ‘some,’ not all were killers and rapists.  It is well documented that ‘coyotes,’ the men who take the illegal aliens across the border, rape some of the women.  They have killed some men.  Some of the illegal aliens themselves are not necessarily good people.  I remember a case where a father, his wife and thirteen year old daughter were crossing the border.  Three men grabbed the girl and took her another way.  The parents were smart to report the kidnapping of the girl. There was a large man hunt, and they did find the men and the young girl.  The men had been using the girl sexually, sharing her.  It was a great reunion, daughter and her parents. There are bad people crossing the border, and we do not know who they are.  They come to our country and rape and kill our citizens.  Some people who run out of money are kidnapped and locked up in houses.  The Los Angeles police have raided houses where these poor people are held hostage.  The women are used as prostitutes.

Hillary was talking about Trump’s men grabbing the reporter. The reporter reported originally that Trump’s guard grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground, that was until she found out that Trump had videotaped that scene.  She was not thrown to the ground.  She did not mention being bruised, but the next day she showed up claiming to have a bruise.  Let’s see the truth about this story. In the past weeks, some crazy men tried to grab Trump, so the guards climbed the dais to be closer to Trump and be able to watch over him. That is their job.  Trump had finished answering questions at a press conference.  He started to walk away with his guards tailing him to protect him if someone attacked him.  The female reporter went after Trump. Before anyone knew what she was doing, she grabbed Trump by the arm.  That is a scary thing to do.  Trump could have thought a person fixed on hurting him or worse,  killing him, was grabbing on to him.  He could have reacted instinctively punching whoever was grabbing him.  He didn’t.  One of his guards reached out and moved her hand away.  He was right in doing that.  No one knew what she was up to.  They thought what she held in her hand was a gun, or something.  There is a new gun the size of a cell phone and looks just like it.  It could have been one of those, but the idea is to crucify Trump, to blame him for everything, in this case for protecting his guard from attack after seeing the film.

Well, hear it from me, HISPANICS, MEXICANS, WOMEN, EDUCATED WOMEN, GAY WOMEN LIKE TRUMP, and we women need to stop listening to a liar like Hillary Clinton use us to gain the presidency.  We want a woman as president, but we want an honest and truthful woman to represent us.


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50 Shades of Grey – the Movie

I was very disappointed with the movie “50 Shades of Grey” and so were all the other readers.  As they say, you get what you paid for.  It was obvious that the producer, director and other filmmaker did not spend much on the movie which depicted the book of the year(s), “50 Shades of Grey.”  First of all, they selected a terrible actor Jamie Dornan to play Christian Grey.  Christian Grey was incredibly handsome, almost perfect, with copper hair.  He was tall, well built and had a lot of sex appeal.  Without trying to insult Jamie Dornan, he definitely is not a Christian Grey.  His hair was the wrong color.  He looked more like a Greek senator.  His face was all right, but he was not very handsome.  He seemed to have trouble with one of his eyes.  He had wide hips, and that ridiculously cheap suit with the single button at the chest only accentuated his wide hips which made his suit flaps stand out.  Jamie looked ridiculous in that suit. There was no sex appeal about him.  A Christian Grey should have been someone like Traves Fimmel who plays the part of Rogner from Vikings or Brad Pit.  The man is handsome.  He is an excellent actor.  His face has many interesting expressions for pain, love, hate, anger, etc.  Someone like that would have fit the part, but I found Jamie Dornan a poor substitute for the real thing.  A lot of times, filmmakers do not want to pay the price for a big star and end up spoiling the movie by getting a cheaper and lesser character for the part.

Dakota Johnson had the right face, and I actually liked the clothes she wore for her first meeting with Christian Grey, but that was it.  Her figure was all right, but it was straight up and down.  There was little shape to it.  If you are going to have to see someone naked, get a more womanly figure, someone slender with fuller breasts.  Ana had fuller breasts and a more womanly figure.  That is the other problem.  If you have to keep seeing someone’s breasts, get a movie star who has lovely breasts.  Dakota had O.K.  breasts, but they were not beautiful breasts.  Her breasts looked like the breasts of a person who has had children and nursed her children.  After nursing, the breasts are not quite full like they were before she ever nursed a child.  I did not like the fact that Dakota spend the whole film crying.  Didn’t she read the books?  Ana Steele was the book’s character’s name, and it symbolized the strength of her character.  Ana Steele did not go around sniffing and crying.  There were only three instances that I can remember in the trilogy when Ana cried.  One was when she thought Christian crashed in his helicopter.  Another time was when he caned her, and she told him he was crazy.  The last time is when some people kidnapped Christian’s sister, and Ana is trying to get $5,000,000 for the ransom.  She has to make Christian think that she’s getting the money for herself, etc.  Other than that, Ana was strong all the time.  In the movie, she sniffs and cries constantly.  Dakota sounds boring portraying this great character.  She sounds weak, which Anna is not.  Dakota portrayed Ana Steele as a weak person, and it was all wrong.  The names of the two character tell you who these people really are.

The wardrobe was cheap looking and nothing like what Christian chose for Ana.  You get what you pay for, or they chose bad clothing for the movie.  The clothing looked terrible.  Christian was a billionaire.  He knew clothing.  His adoptive parents were wealthy, so he knew about good things.  Jamie running around with only the jeans hanging from his hips in the play room did not look sexy.  His hips were too wide.  In my opinion, he is not a sexy man.  He looks more like an auditor than a sexual man.  Starting with Jamie’s suit, it looked cheap and was made for a man with broad shoulders and slender hips.  Jamie did not have slender hips.   Ana’s pink or peach colored dress did not even fit her torso.  The cup of the dress seemed too large, the skirt too short.  The filmmakers must have thought her long legs would hide how terrible the dress was.  They did not.  She had terrible clothes, and like I said, you get what you paid for.

Selection of characters:  Where did they get these people?  Didn’t anyone from the filmmakers, director, producer, etc. read the book?  Christian’s brothers were handsome men.  The men chosen to play the parts were quite unattractive.  His mother and father in the film were unattractive.  In the book, they were not.  Ana’s roommate was gorgeous Kate Kavanagh.  Eloise Mumford is not bad looking, but she did not look attractive in the film.  She looked strange, unattractive.

Altogether, it was a terrible film.  I would give the filmmakers a minus F because they did not even touch the beauty of the story and the people in it.  I suggest they read the trilogy, and if they have, then do it again because they missed what the people in the story were all about.

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An Analogy of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ by E. L. James

I’m not prudish.  But I do believe in a true story in a book. When I first heard about ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and that it had a lot of sex in every page, I thought it was one of those porno books all for the sex. I didn’t want to read it. But when I continued to hear much about the book and that this was the writer’s first book and it was having tremendous sales, that caught my attention. I needed to see what other people found so exciting about this new trilogy.

I started reading the first book in the series, skipping the sex scenes, which I found tedious. I read the second and third book. By then I was hooked on the trilogy. There was an incredible story, a real story with real characters in this trilogy. Psychology is one of my areas of expertise, so you can image how much wealth of words and psychopathology I found in these three books.

The story fascinated me instantly. This was the story of an exceedingly handsome man with serious psychopathology. The second time I read each of the three books, I read the whole page and discovered that sex and sex scenes were very important to the telling of this story. This man needed to show everything through sex. He was abused physically as a child by his mother’s pimp, sexually abused by his adopted mother’s friend and introduced to Discipline & Bondage. He grew up into a man with mixed up values, surrounding all his good and bad actions with sex. So you definitely have to read the whole story without skipping the sex scenes to understand the story and Christian Gray.

It is not until he meets a normal and very pragmatic, young woman with her head right on her shoulders when he begins to experience normal life with a normal girl. At one point in the story, the woman who introduced him to Discipline & Bondage, tries to break up the relationship with this new girl whom she feels is really getting too close to him emotionally. He yells at her to stop interfering, that this is the first normal relationship he has had with a girl.

It’s  incredible to study the two main characters because they’re both terrific. I can’t help but ask, did the writer know someone like Christian Gray who had those psychological problems? The firmness of the girl’s character is a treasure of ideas which come out naturally and eventually help Christian grow out of his emotional problems.  But today, we stop here and continue tomorrow analyzing the trilogy.



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Analyzing Nebraska

The other characters are the same as the spectrum of life. As soon as the family finds out that Woody won a million dollars, some members of the family suddenly came up with old debts that they felt Woody owed them. The twin nephews stole Woody’s flier. They now get into a fight with Woody’s sons over the million dollars. It’s Kay, straight forward and direct, who sets all straight by telling them there is no money and to ‘f–k off.’ Ed, Woody’s old friend and partner at one time, comes to David with an $800 debt, later with a $10,000 debt. He even threatens David that if he doesn’t give him the money, he’ll . . .

But that’s not the real finale. I wonder how many people caught on to the real story in Nebraska. At least I think it’s the real story. The whole story was told in about three sentences. Ed tells David that Woody was going to leave his mother and older brother for the ‘half breed.’ We don’t know what race the woman was, but she had quite an impact in Woody’s life, the fact that he was ready to leave his wife and child for her. What does this all mean? Woody told David that love had nothing to do with his relationship with his mother. Yet, his relationship with the ‘half breed’ was one of love. A woman of another culture was able to make Woody fall in love for the first time in his life. His love was so great that he was going to leave Kay and his son for that woman without a second thought. For once, Woody felt deeply for a woman. He came alive for a woman. He wanted to make a life with her. But his friend Ed talked him out of it, so Woody remained with a wife he did not love. He made them responsible for not being able to live a life with the ‘half breed.’ Woody made his wife and children pay for taking him away from the other woman by withdrawing his attention from them. His older son said it, “He’s never given a shit about us.” All the rest of his life with his wife and children, Woody was grieving the loss of the other woman. It is not until he takes this journey with David that he starts waking up to the fact that he has a fine family he has ignored for many years. I saw a new beginning between Woody and his sons. I don’t know if the relationship between Woody and Kay would ever mend, but there is always hope.

One thing did bother me. Woody is supposed to have Dementia or Alzheimer, and those people are doing whatever he tells them to do. He wants to take a trip to Jackson to collect his million dollars, a fantasy. David knows that Woody didn’t win the million dollars, and he takes him. Woody keeps running away. In the movie, they keep finding him. A lot of times, people who suffer such illnesses are not found or when they’re found, they’re hurt or dead. It bothered me that they had not done anything to keep Woody safe. At the end of the movie, David trades his perfectly new car for a used truck to keep up with Woody’s fantasy of owning a truck. He even puts the truck under Woody’s name, but Woody has no license to drive. It’s been canceled. So who’s going to drive the truck? David. He bought a compressor for Woody which he did not need. Though it’s touching, it serves no purpose. When they get home, more than likely Kay will put it out. The most frightening thing is at the end. They get to a street where all of Woody’s friends will see him, and David lets an Alzheimer patient drive. He says that there’s nothing on the street ahead. To make matters worse, Woody tells David to hide under the dashboard so his friends can’t see him and will think he’s driving alone. What is incredible, David does that. He hides under the dashboard while his dad who hasn’t driven in  while takes over the driving of the truck. Do you realize what can happen in just a few feet away unexpectedly? Of course you don’t. No one does. Yet Woody drives down the street with his cap with the word ‘winner’ on it and his friends see him do it. The story is beautiful, but one can’t help but see how some of the scenes told have been romanticized. I proved that to my husband. We were at a mall parking lot. He was driving out a long stretch to the street. In a matter of seconds, a man crossed in front of him. He slammed on the brakes and stopped. I told him that the stretch looked clear, but the variables are unknown and unexplainable. The man who crossed in front of our car never looked up. He continued toward his car. Had Woody been driving with David under the dashboard, he would have struck the man because he would not have had the reflexes sharp enough to make the fast move required to stop the car. I found it terribly irresponsible of David to allow a sick man with no license or practice drive a car and all to complete Woody’s fantasy, his desire.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend the movie ‘Nebraska’ as an outstanding movie about real people with all their foibles and goodness in them. It was great to watch.

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Nebraska Analysis Part III

David is Woody’s youngest son. He is an insecure man with no self-esteem, no self-confidence. At one point when his girlfriend leaves him, he asks pathetically and with uncertainty if there will still be sex between them. He is equally misguided like his father. When you see David, he looks like someone stepped on him a long time ago and left him down with all the problems of the world on his shoulders. But David is kind, thoughtful and caring. He is the only one who listens to Woody when he rants about his million dollar win. He’s the one who takes his silent, hostile dad on a long journey to get his money. He is the son who establishes a relationship with his angry dad in this long, misguided trip. He tries very hard to communicate with his dad. At a bar, his father taunts him to drink a beer with ‘his dad.’ David gives in and drinks a beer with his dad, even though he’s no longer drinking. Woody didn’t understand or care why his son didn’t want to drink anymore. He just taunted him. Through this moment drinking beer, you see that a relationship is developing between father and son. Another time, David makes a joke about Woody’s dentures, and Woody responds with a joke. Even though his father doesn’t make this trip easier and keeps running away, David patiently follows him, brings him back and treats his wound or illness. David gains assurance in this trip as he tries to protect his dad from ridicule over the million dollar win. When two men steal Woody’s flier, David courageously confronts his two brawny twin cousins about it. When he sees his father despondent over the loss of the flier, he suggests that perhaps the thieves dropped it and to go search for it. In the movie, David walks into the town bar and hears Ed, Woody’s friend, showing the flier to his friends, making fun of Woody’s confusion. David does something he wouldn’t have done earlier in his life before this journey, he takes the flier from Ed and punches Ed on the face, knocking him down. It is such a compelling story when son David becomes the ‘dad’ for his father, becoming very protective of hi, therefore growing in confidence and self-esteem while doing it. He even confronts his dad when he find out some information through Ed, one of Woody’s friends. Ed tells David that Woody was going to leave Kay and his brother because he was having an affair with the ‘half breed.’ He tells David that he, Ed, talked Woody out of it and to return to his wife and child. When David and Woody reach Jackson, Nebraska, they go to the place of business that originated the fliers. The secretary tells Woody that he didn’t win. He gets to choose a cap that says ‘winner’ on it. David sees the disappointment on his father’s face and he does one magnanimous thing. Remembering his dad wanted to buy a truck to leave to his sons, he trades a great car, his car, for a truck and has his father’s name put on the title. Somehow, David understood Woody’s feelings of insecurity, of rejection and lack of achievement, and he stepped up to the plate to give his dad his heart’s desire: a truck and a compressor Woody kept complaining about. One can say that during this journey with his father, David reaches his majority, his manhood. He bonds with his dad in a touching scene where Woody drives the truck through his town’s main street and lets his friends see him with the truck and the ‘winner’ cap on. He tells David to get down so his friends will think he’s driving the truck by himself, and David does it. When Woody sees the truck that he wished for and in this moment of conspiracy when David goes under the dashboard to please his father’s ego, the two men bond deeply. A true relationship is established between the two men. This journey has done what all of the years living with his dad did not do and that is bond them as father and son.

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Nebraska Analysis

Nebraska has a central theme which connects the whole story through the journey Woody and his son David take together. As I stated earlier, I feel Woody is a weak man and has always been one, pretty much manipulated by the women in his life. He seems to suffer from Alzheimer, but we never hear that it has been diagnosed. He has been running away from the family trying to get to Lincoln, Nebraska because he has a flier which says that he has won a million dollars. His family has explained that it’s not true, that he hasn’t won anything. However, Woody ignores them and tries to get to Jackson on his own by foot even though it’s about 600-800 miles away. He tells David that he’s walking since they don’t want to take him to collect his money. He understands clearly that the family doesn’t want to take him to collect his money. He doesn’t seem to be concerned that he doesn’t have the strength or capacity to walk that distance. It never once occurs to Woody that he can’t walk all that distance from Billings, Montana to Nebraska. He simply takes off without caring how much worry he causes his wife and sons. On the other hand, he might have used that trick to get his son David to take him to Nebraska. Woody doesn’t have much of a relationship with his wife and little regard for his sons. There’s little communication coming from Woody toward his family. The oldest son seems to have little respect for his father. He tells David, “He’s never given a shit about us.” Woody gives that impression of not caring for his family. It’s interesting that he forgets things and remembers others. Throughout the journey, Woody keeps remembering that he can’t drive because he doesn’t have a license. I feel that an Alzheimer patient wouldn’t think twice about not having a license and would drive a car without it if he still had the cognitive skills to do so.  One thing we do know, Woody has the power. Even though he speaks hardly a word, everyone is attentive to all his needs and what he says. Finally, in desperation and compassion, David, his youngest son, agrees to take him to Nebraska to collect his million dollar reward.

Throughout the journey, Woody speaks little with his son. He keeps taking off without telling him, always moving toward Nebraska. He seems to know how to get to Nebraska. Woody makes no effort to help his son who has put his job on the side to take him to Nebraska. But the journey, the propinquity of the situation and David’s endearing and endless patience begins to break through Woody’s impenetrable façade. There’s the joke David cracks about Woody’s dentures. Woody tells him that he lost his dentures at the railroad track. They go looking for them, and David miraculously finds them. He hands them to his father. Woody takes them and as he puts them on, David says that they’re not his. Woody looks at them with a frown, and David says quickly that it’s a joke, that the dentures are his. Woody stares at the dentures and says, ‘They’re not mine,” something to that effect. David looks concerned and starts to look again. Then Woody tells him it’s a joke. That’s one of the few times that father and son have a moment of communion, and it’s touching. The movie has endearing family moments and other times when you want to defend or punish Woody. The whole journey is a study of family psychopathology. During that journey, one experiences all the spectrum of human emotions: love, anger, greed, hate, dislike, jealousy, etc. in varying degrees.

I haven’t much to say about Woody’s wife Kay. I think her name was Kay. I will say that she held the family together. She seemed an embittered person. She finally got the guy, Woody, married him and then there was no fanfare because there was no love from the very beginning. At this point in their married life, she has a nasty mouth that goes on and on, but it is understandable. When a woman doesn’t get any kind of loving attention from her husband, the negative energy comes out through her mouth in nasty attacks or comments. However, women like her are the salt of the earth. She has her hands full with a man who is suffering from some form of dementia or Alzheimer and is constantly running away. Whether she’s nasty to Woody or not, it’s obvious she does love him from tender moments we see in the hospital where she smooths Woody’s hair back and kisses him. She’s a down to earth person who has done her best for her family. She does not speak with a forked-tongue. If she has to say something, she says it frankly and openly. She speaks the truth. Even though she was a good mother and character, I didn’t particularly like her. I felt she wasn’t right for Woody. She found a way to hook him and won the war. However, now, in this late period of their lives, there’s no love between them. Woody tells David once when he asked him if he loved his mother before they married. Woody answered that love had nothing to do with it when he married Kay. He said it with a straight face without affect, very matter-of-factly.

Later in the journey, we find out that Woody had a first sweetheart, Peg Bender. I liked her very much, very down to earth woman. Just in that short scene, one feels that she’s warm and caring. She seems to be fun too. I think she would have made a better wife for Woody. She tells David right off that she lost Woody to Kay because she, Peg, wouldn’t have sex with Woody. She has a great life of her own with her children and runs the newspaper of the town where Woody grew up.

Woody stops by his brother’s home where the new characters come into the picture. Woody’s brother seems to be dead on a chair watching tv. The twins are jobless, sitting around watching tv with their dad. There’s no communication among that family, but that seems to be the way midwesterners relate to one another. At least, that’s what I was told by one. The twin’s mother is very sociable trying to bring everybody together. They sit and watch tv with silent, stoic faces. David tries to start a conversation and gets nowhere, so he stops.They all become excited when they find out Woody has won a million dollars.

The twins are big, overweight men who drink a lot. Peg Bender says that people start drinking young there because that’s all there is to do. The twins don’t seem very bright to me, the way they talked about speeding with no regard to rules and safety. They were a strange couple those two.

A luncheon is held with all of Woody’s brothers, wives, etc. They all seemed very nice, until they heard that Woody won one million dollars. Then everything changes. When the extended family finds out that Woody has won a million dollars, we get to see the true character in these people.

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Analyzing the movie Nebraska

The story in Nebraska is knitted together through the theme of the ‘journey,’ a journey Woody and his youngest son David take together whether good or ill advised. I want to start by talking a little about each character and what I saw and felt. 

The story takes place in a town in the Midwest. One of the main characters and father, is Woody, a man who seems to be suffering from either Dementia or Alzheimer’s. As we say in my counseling field, he has the power. When he speaks, they all listen and act according to his wishes, no matter what they are, from habit. His family knew he was not well mentally and continued to follow his wishes which turned dangerous at times.  He kept running away because he had a flier which stated that he won a one million dollar pot and he believed it even though he had been told repeatedly by all members of his family that it was not true. He was going to collect the money. He was walking all the way even if he did not know exactly where he was going and that it was  600-800 hundreds miles away. He did not stop to think that he, an old man not well physically, could not walk 800 miles. He was not thinking, reasoning rationally. In his mind, he was walking the distance because he did not have a driver’s license, and the family would not take him to collect his money. he was lucid enough to know that he did not have a driver’s license; therefore, he could not drive. His whole fixation was that he won the money even though it was common knowledge those fliers were to entice people and were not true. Woody was driving his wife and sons crazy, running away and their having to chase him down and bring him back home. I saw Woody as a weak man. I felt he had always been a weak man and I will tell you later why. I saw a man with poor self-esteem and confidence, kind of a broken-down man. He was absorbed with this new idea about the money as if that would solve whatever problem was plaguing him, and this goes along with the symptoms of his illness. He only thought about himself and what he wanted without any thought to what his wife or children wanted. Of course with his illness, he would not have had that affect necessarily. We do not know much about his illness or whether it has been diagnosed. We just hear the family talking about it. Woody was quiet, a man of few words. I personally sensed a reticence, a passive aggressive personality, like he had been cheated by life. Later, I felt we found out what happened to Woody as the story progresses. He did not show any affection for his family, for his sons. His older son said at one point to his younger brother David, “He’s never given a shit about us.” That meant Woody was not close to his sons. Love seemed to have gone missing in Woody’s life. We do not know about his own parents, if they were loving people. When his son David asked him if he loved his mother when he married her, Woody answered quite frankly and without any hesitation, ‘It never came up’ with a cold and indifferent finality. He followed that statement with a vague conversation that love had nothing to do with it when they married. You have to remember that Woody was talking to his son David about David’s mother. Woody did not care how insulting and demeaning he sounded about his wife and did not care that his son knew it. Words simply spilled out of his mouth stating what he was thinking. David met Woody’s first girlfriend. She was running a family newspaper in town where Woody grew up. She said something to the effect that she lost Woody to David’s mother because she Emily did not let him get to the goods. During this journey Woody and David take, we learned a lot about Woody. There was a dryness, an emptiness, lovelessness, and hopelessness about his life. At this point in his life, his wife railed at him constantly. His one thought was to get the million dollars to buy a truck to leave to his sons, maybe to make up for his negligence of the boys. Maybe he felt the money would give him some importance, give some purpose or meaning to his life. I feel it was a part of his lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, self- importance. He needed to leave something meaningful to his sons.  He said so at the end of the film in his own way. It was hard to know what he was thinking because he did not speak much. We simply watched the actions of a man possessed who wanted to get that million dollar without a thought, plan or care for the people he hurt. He kept running away with no sense of time, distance or money that he would need during the trip. We found out later that Woody was a generous man who would give you the shirt off his back, a real contrast with the indifferent man of today. He finally talked David into taking him to collect his money. On this journey, they stopped at Woody’s brother’s home, and we met more interesting characters.

The movie is a wealth of interesting characters portraying all the evils of the world: greed, envy, jealousy, etc. Through this trip we really get to see his  friends and family in their true colors.

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Analyzing the Movie Nebraska

The characters in the movie Nebraska are very simple characters.  The movie is complicated by the simplicity of the characters and their lives.  I watched the movie once and will watch it again until I finish analyzing it because I want to find out why it created such strong emotions in me.  One of my areas of expertise is counseling.  I have counseled many people, but that should not be a reason to explain why my emotions were so charged while I watched the movie.  I became very angry while I watched what was going on.  I kept analyzing it.  The movie did not relate to my life at all as I knew it.  I grew up in a totally different environment where there was a lot of love in the nuclear as well as in the extended family.  So what created that explosion of emotions concerning this film.  I did not relate to the characters either.  They are as different as night and day to my own character and personality.  Whereas they are austere, I’m extroverted, a cheerful, happy person.  Whereas they were a silent, non-communicative people, I like to talk with people whether they’re friends or strangers.  There was one thing the people in Nebraska shared in common with me was the caretaking of their father Woody.  I finally had to take over the care of my mother.  I became her conservator because toward the end, she would not take care of herself.  But even that was not reason enough to have the movie stir such strong emotions in me.  I studied each character carefully to see if there was a transference on my part but I didn’t see any.  These people were not communicative.  I’m very communicative.  They didn’t remind me of a single member of my nuclear or extended family.  So what was it?  Since I cannot figure out what it is, I will start to analyze the movie Nebraska tomorrow through different points of view.  This is an extraordinary movie that everyone should see at some time.  If a movie can move a person so strongly, it means that it has a lot to say.

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