Women Led by the Nose

Women have had a difficult road to travel from being chattel owned by men, suffering great pain and humiliation, to earning the vote.  Now women can vote.  They can stand up for themselves.  Or do they?  This is the twenty first century.  I still see how easily women can be led by the nose, how gullible they can be about things that are said about them, like what the pundits say.  For example, the liberal pundits say women do not like Trump, and some women actually come to believe it, not because they don’t like Trump.  They dislike Trump because they hear it said enough times that they come to believe it.

Here is a fact.  WOMEN DO LIKE TRUMP.  I and many of my lady  friends like Trump.  The pundits say educated women and Hispanics, particularly Mexicans, do not like Trump.  I am Mexican and have other Mexican friends who like Trump.  I am also an educated woman.  The pundits and campaign managers know that if they keep repeating these lies to the people, the ones who do not read the  newspapers or watch a news program will take their words as the real thing and vote accordingly, against Trump because they heard from someone that women do not like Trump.  That is what I mean about women being led by the nose.

Here is another example.  Hillary Clinton says she stands for women, but she does little for women.  She is still married to a womanizer, Bill Clinton, who brought her and our country the worst shame ever.  He was impeached for lying about his sexual activities, having sex with Monica Lewinsky, an aide, in the oval office.  The whole world watched him lie as he said he did not have  sex with Monica Lewinsky.  It was just a technicality that caused the world to laugh watching an American president caught with his pants down, hearing how he molested staff at the White House.  Hillary Clinton did nothing.  This woman who claimed to be a champion for women’s causes actually made excuses for Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of staff, taking advantage of his position of power.  She says that Donald Trump wants to punish women.  Bill punished women.  The White House staff did not want to have sex with him and suffered for it.  At a talk at the View, surrounded by the women in the show, Hillary pretended to be frightened.  She questioned what would happen to women if Trump became president.  People, this is America.  Nothing would happen to women.  If abortions were forbidden, then the person performing the abortions would be punished.  I personally feel that the mother of the fetus should receive some form of punishment because she put her child to death.  In America, we fine and jail people for abusing animals.  Shouldn’t we fine and jail people who kill human fetuses and sell their organs for profit.

What I find shocking is that women listen to Hillary who has engraved on her forehead the word ‘liar.’  Trump is being tricked every way he turns.  That question about whether women should be punished if they undergo an abortion caught him by surprise.  He is not a ‘practiced, experienced’ politician.  He does not have suave answers readily at hand. Trump later explained in greater detail that the doctors and other people performing the abortion should be punished.

Hillary repeated during the View talk that Trump said all Mexicans were killers and rapists, something to that effect. I heard what Trump said. He was talking about illegal aliens crossing the border without being vetted and that some were killers and rapists.  Listen to the word above; ‘some,’ not all were killers and rapists.  It is well documented that ‘coyotes,’ the men who take the illegal aliens across the border, rape some of the women.  They have killed some men.  Some of the illegal aliens themselves are not necessarily good people.  I remember a case where a father, his wife and thirteen year old daughter were crossing the border.  Three men grabbed the girl and took her another way.  The parents were smart to report the kidnapping of the girl. There was a large man hunt, and they did find the men and the young girl.  The men had been using the girl sexually, sharing her.  It was a great reunion, daughter and her parents. There are bad people crossing the border, and we do not know who they are.  They come to our country and rape and kill our citizens.  Some people who run out of money are kidnapped and locked up in houses.  The Los Angeles police have raided houses where these poor people are held hostage.  The women are used as prostitutes.

Hillary was talking about Trump’s men grabbing the reporter. The reporter reported originally that Trump’s guard grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground, that was until she found out that Trump had videotaped that scene.  She was not thrown to the ground.  She did not mention being bruised, but the next day she showed up claiming to have a bruise.  Let’s see the truth about this story. In the past weeks, some crazy men tried to grab Trump, so the guards climbed the dais to be closer to Trump and be able to watch over him. That is their job.  Trump had finished answering questions at a press conference.  He started to walk away with his guards tailing him to protect him if someone attacked him.  The female reporter went after Trump. Before anyone knew what she was doing, she grabbed Trump by the arm.  That is a scary thing to do.  Trump could have thought a person fixed on hurting him or worse,  killing him, was grabbing on to him.  He could have reacted instinctively punching whoever was grabbing him.  He didn’t.  One of his guards reached out and moved her hand away.  He was right in doing that.  No one knew what she was up to.  They thought what she held in her hand was a gun, or something.  There is a new gun the size of a cell phone and looks just like it.  It could have been one of those, but the idea is to crucify Trump, to blame him for everything, in this case for protecting his guard from attack after seeing the film.

Well, hear it from me, HISPANICS, MEXICANS, WOMEN, EDUCATED WOMEN, GAY WOMEN LIKE TRUMP, and we women need to stop listening to a liar like Hillary Clinton use us to gain the presidency.  We want a woman as president, but we want an honest and truthful woman to represent us.


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